Christmas In Germany

With a rich history and culture, Germany easily stands out as one of the finest travel hotspots in Europe. Better known for its economic and industrial might, it can surprise travellers with its natural beauty and cultural diversity.

Germany is a reliable destination full of warm hospitality, and this 6-days Germany Packages of Frankfurt and Bavaria has been designed to immerse you in the country’s many famous Christmas markets and welcoming culture.

With the smell of mulled wine and pine shavings being your constant companion, you will experience a holiday like never before as you explore each destination and their distinctive take on the holiday season.

The outstanding day trip from Frankfurt is Heidelberg.  In this Germany Packages you will also explore the abundant history on display throughout central Germany.

You must visit the second largest city of Germany – Nuremberg.  It is popular for historical landmarks like the imperial castle and the walled Old Town. It is located on the Pegnitz River and also has the most vibrant museums and castles of Germany.

Schlossberg Hill is the famous trekking destination In Freiburg.

You must visit An Oktoberfest fest in the Munich. It is the world’s most popular festival of beer.

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Tour Plan

Day 1 : Frankfurt – Make the Most of Your Holiday

Like many European countries, Germany celebrates Christmas with a variety of festivals and markets; however, the distinctive German culture leaves every celebration imbued with a delightful combination of regional customs and excellent food. You will enjoy a front-row seat to this charming take on a global celebration with this unique trip. Upon your arrival, a driver will greet and transfer you from Frankfurt's main airport to your hotel in the city center. A city tour will be an outstanding way to celebrate your arrival, but you can also venture to Romer square and acquaint yourself with the market.


Day 2 : Frankfurt – Day Trip to Heidelberg

Perched on the banks of the Neckar River, Heidelberg is an outstanding day trip from Frankfurt. Today, Heidelberg will be your playground to explore the abundant history on display throughout central Germany. Complete with a Baroque caste, Heidelberg will provide you with an outstanding opportunity to witness the rural side to Germany. Upon your arrival in Heidelberg, a guide will lead you on a tour through Germany's oldest university town. Upon your return to Frankfurt, the promise of mulled wine and bright lights may draw you into the city's charming Christmas market.

Day 3 : Nuremberg – The Jewel of Bavaria

Today, you will turn your back on the German state of Hesse when making your way into Bavaria. The hotel staff in Frankfurt will happily provide you with a delicious breakfast before a transfer carries you smoothly to the nearby train station for your train ride. Your destination will be the medieval city of Nuremberg, which was the capital of the Holy Roman Empire and home to a vast array of iconic neighborhoods and charming festivals. In the afternoon, you will enjoy a guided excursion of the city that will allow you to visit the famous Christmas festival.


Day 4 : Nuremberg – The Charm of Rothenburg

In the winter, Nuremberg cannot help but charm those intrepid travelers who make their way to this fortress-capped city. The candles in the windows, shops that sell warm sweets, and the smell of mulled wine as it mixes with pine creates a sense of timelessness. Today, you will be able to enjoy an off-the-beaten-path take on a Christmas festival on a day trip from Nuremberg to the nearby town of Rothenburg. Here, a remarkably intact city wall still defends a charming medieval city center.

Day 5 : Munich – A Bavarian Road Trip

Today, a scenic transfer will carry you from the medieval origins of Nuremberg into the heart of Bavaria. This romantic drive will introduce you to the rolling hills and charming villages that punctuate the landscape of this breathtaking German state. During the way, you will be encouraged to stop and explore some of the places you pass. The town of Nordlingen presents an excellent example of an intact medieval town, and the architecture of Harburg cannot help but inspire your imagination. By the time you arrive in Munich, the remainder of the day will be yours.


Day 6 : Munich – A Mad King's Castle

Bavaria enjoys a privileged position at the southernmost boundary of Germany and Austria, acting as a gateway to the staggering beauty of the Alps. Today, you will venture into this world during a guided visit to the nearby castles of Neuschwanstein and Linderhof, which are tucked at the foot of some of Germany's most beautiful mountains. As the rural beauty of Bavaria extends out before you like a green quilt, you will have an entirely new appreciation for the raw natural beauty that can be found in abundance in this breathtaking corner of Europe.

Day 7 : Munich – Departure

For your final morning in Munich, you will have just enough time to stop by a bakery whose aromatic efforts caught your eye earlier. You will also have time to return to the Viktualienmarkt Market to snag some final souvenirs before you return home. A delicious breakfast will be your final scheduled event for this tour before a comfortable transfer drives you to Munich's main airport for your departing flight.